Julius Caesar ...EX A.D. MCMXCVI  
Imperial Lounge Cocktail Bar & Disco
Welcome To The Unique Ancient Imperial Pub!!
This Historical Pub of Roma Caput Mundi
 was born in 1996 from an idea, try to
 represent the Imperial Style of the Ancient
 Rome as a place where to drink something 
like in the Zero Anno Domini.

The meaning of 'GURGUSTIUM' in fact,
suggest a pub-like place in where Plebeian
 use to drink only alcoholics. No warm stuff,
 nothing to eat. Only a purlieu where to get
drunk, distress yourself and maybe meet
 other people who only wants 
going badly drunk with
 ...as you Guys >:~)

Too Hard to Imagine..?!
Join Us and Experience this Magical Club !!

The JC's Gurgustium is located in the  
downtown of Rome, just a few steps from
 the 'Termini' Railway Station,
right  next to the Aurelian Wall. 
It's the Last Handmade Theme Club Of Rome. 
If You like Details, here you'll find Hundreds. 

...only if you get right Eyes to Appreciate a 
Long Lasting Hard Work that had to be done 
only for your Satisfaction into be here... 
------- Two Floors equipped with ------ 
The Bigger One is 180 inches... 

Non fuit in solo Roma peracta die… >;-) …neque Gurgustium !!
Early in the Evening
Later in the Night
JC's Entertainment Planning

Also In the Afternoon 
You're Welcome to Spend Time
as you prefer !
No Stress!! No Rush!!
Try Our Coffee Specialities,
or a Tea, an Hot Cioccolate.
...Ok, no matter, an American Coffee too.
Better Drink one of our Beer Selection...
HyperSpeed Wi-Fi for Free
as Power Plugs under our Tables too

 Ever Ready to Play All International 
Sport Matches or GP Races

JC's NightLife & Party Planning

During the Night...
...We'll Gonna Burn You Down!!
Try resisting our Bartenders to
Serve You the Best Cocktails
You Desire...

Around 12h00am Will Start Our 
DanceFloor onto the downstairs Floor

Drinkin’ Games, Body Shots, Karaoke 
and more Will Make you Crazy and live
The Night
You’ll Never Forget !!